Albatross in flight over the Southern Ocean – photo by the author

A Very Different Journey is about YOU and the amazing voyage that is YOUR life.   Here you will find experience-based insights on navigating life’s unexpected twists and turns, successfully overcoming challenges, and enjoying a long and rewarding trip.  The author shares his own personal experiences, observations and lessons learned from his journey (which is far from over).  Along the way, look for contributions from other fellow travelers as well.   The foundational premise is that life is worth living to the fullest, even in the face of forces, factors and events that get in the way.  The hope and intent is that you will find some of the insights and ideas shared in this blog to be relevant, helpful and timely.

The author ashore on the Antarctic Peninsula – February 2017

Lee Dittmar is a husband, father, skier, sailor, business leader, trusted adviser, management consultant, and entrepreneur with a gift for inspiring, challenging and motivating. He has a passion for helping people to solve tough problems, fostering innovation and life-long learning. His friends, colleagues and clients around the world view him as a mentor, coach and a source of knowledge, inspiration and energy.  Lee was often encouraged to more broadly share the lessons he had learned and applied to his life.  The motivation to move ahead with this blog came after Lee’s battle with stage 4 throat cancer during the first half of 2017.  Applying strategies and techniques honed over the years, Lee took on the cancer and the physical, mental and emotional turmoil that came with the treatment regime.  Now on the other side of the battle, with the cancer in remission, Lee believes he has an obligation to share his story and the strategies he used to maintain inner strength, optimism and peace of mind.

Lee Dittmar   Avatar created by colleagues

The title of this blog came from the the CaringBridge Journal Lee used to keep friends and family informed of progress during his treatment and recovery.  It was “A Very Different Journey“.